Once again, HIGH CEDAR is proud to inform you that it got its new collection of grips called the "SUPER LIGHT GRIPS".
This collection of grips was best intended for FACTORY USE as well as for packaging due to the demand of a lighter but better gripping on the racquets.

We all know that you play the game to enjoy and not to suffer for elbow or shoulder injury cause by heavy racquets.
This is why HIGH CEDAR has been inspired to develop the SUPER LIGHT GRIPS to suit player's needs and demands for a better game.
  HC-LT1  2.5cm*110cm*1.7mm  Weight:11g ±1g
  HC-18TOAP  2.5cm*110cm*1.8mm  Weight:14g ±1g
  HC-9226ES  2.5cm*110cm*1.8mm  Weight:14g ±1g
  HC-2TOAP  2.5cm*110cm*2mm  Weight:15g ±1g
  HCN-2WW  2.5cm*110cm*2mm  Weight:18g ±1g
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